The execution of your advertising and marketing strategy can either be resource-intenstive or daunting. Either way, Glue Media can effortlessly handle any of your media buying and planning tasks, fusing our skills with your strategy.

We’ve handled large media portfolios, such as those of Big Concerts, which has included:

  • Above-the-line purchases such as TV, radio, magazine and other print media
  • Community media, such as community TV, radio and print
  • Airport media and other general above-the-line media, such as prime lights and billboards
  • Specialised media, such as taxi advertising and digital screen and projection

We can handle the process from planning and strategy, right up to negotiating placement costs, issuing flighting schedules and dealing with media partners on last-minute specials and deals. We also can source, manage and evaluate sponsorship opportunities for clients to maximise your exposure and value for your media budget.

Also included in our media buying process is deciding how to measure your media purchases and tracking their effectiveness, feeding valuable data into the next strategy cycle and fine-tuning your media plan.

If it’s out there and can be branded, we can stick you on it.



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We specialize in the sourcing, managing & selling of sponsorships. This includes paid & barter sponsorships for TV & events.